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Katya TaylorI founded Creative Arts and Healing workshops, classes and retreats, in 1980, to nurture the link between creativity and the healing process. Working with hundreds of people from all walks of life, in a wide variety of settings (schools, hospitals, prisons, Y's, churches, wellness centers) has confirmed my belief that the art and practice of writing, movement, and touch, or a blend of these, creates heightened awareness and a renewal of our life energies. I encourage participants to attune to their own natural creativity and potential for healing, while sharing, in a supportive group setting, the wisdom we can receive from one another. I invite you now to explore the menu and peruse the publications that bring the teaching (and learning) into deeper focus. Studio in the Community outlines sample programs available locally, and sometimes offered "on the road" as well.

Feel free to contact me for more information or elaboration.

Katya's Bio

I earned my B.A. in Literature from Antioch College, and an MA in Education from Columbia University. Prior to founding Creative Arts and Healing, I worked as a journalist and editor, health educator, women's studies instructor, massage therapist, yoga teacher and workshop facilitator. Sharing my love of writing and healing has been the focus of my adult life.

I have lived in Tallahassee, Florida since 1990, with my husband Tom and daughter Alana (now graduated from college and working for a local architectural firm.) When not writing and teaching, I am out in my garden, planting veggies and flowers, reading, dancing, playing Scrabble, visting the gulf beaches, and corresponding with friends.

To follow my adventures in prose and poetry, please visit my blog.
Katya Sabaroff Taylor