Journal keeping heightens our life experience.

The act of recording our unique story - events, feelings, questions, concerns, fantasies - can actually expand our awareness of what it means to be alive, engaging us more consciously in life's challenges and pleasures. We experience life in a three-fold way: once in living it, once in observing and reflecting upon it, and once again in re-reading our written account.

Journal keeping helps us focus on what is important.

A journal entry is like a spotlight we shine on whatever aspect of our life we choose: a current conflict, a highlight from our day, a memory, a dream. Or we can simply "listen" to an unending stream of images or thoughts always "bubbling up" from within. Each of us decides what to write about, how deep we want to go, and where we wish to end the conversation.

Journal keeping provides an anchor in our life.

Taking time to write regularly is grounding. A journal is a place to rest, reflect, make decisions, come to terms with difficult events, or savor the moments that might otherwise be swallowed up in the rush of life. We have literally "touched base" with our self.

Finally, journal keeping offers freedom.

A journal is an ideal place to let go of restrictions that often limit us from exploring or experiencing life authentically. We can imagine the life we want to have, be whoever we want to be, say whatever we want to say. It takes courage and practice to experience this freedom, but in the journal we have a channel and an ally.

Journaling is a skill that is perfected throughout one's lifetime.
The benefits, however, can begin with a single entry.

Katya Sabaroff Taylor, M.Ed., (1990)