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Almost the Ides of March 
Hello dear friends, strangers, and all who happen upon this site --

It's hard to believe it's Spring -- the entire winter went by without a single entry.
That's because I was working hard on my book Prison Wisdom -- and still am --
I was off to St. George Island for my annual February holiday/vacation with my college roommate Ann, I was planning my husband Tom's 68th birthday party (vegetarian chili and cornbread, and a big tropical fruit tart for dessert), writing installments on my Greta Tales (700 word linked stories, created in tandem with my writer friend Eve who was creating her own tales), beginning to plan my garden, and writing a few sonnets with another pen pal, from Ecuador, Mimi.

I'm excited that in May I'll be teaching a three part "Fables and Fantasies" class thru OLLI (Osher LifeLong Learning Institute , offering non-credit courses to anyone 50 or older.)
I had a love affair with Fables for a few months (I love obsessions such as this), and I hope to put together a "chapbook" or anthology of them once Prison Wisdom is off to the printer.

It's hard to believe I'm 72 and I still have so many manuscripts waiting for my attention, or
waiting for my creative energies to zoom in and launch them.

I hope to live to be 99. What a birthday that will be! But let's not rush things, OK?

For those of you interested in knowing more about Prison Wisdom, please visit
EWH Press, click on authors, find my picture and name, and read my bio and the
blurb about the book. I haven't actually counted how many inmates - and prison pen pals - have their writings shared in this book, but it's got to be close to 100. I wish this collection was mandatory reading in all Criminology and Corrections curriculum, Literature classes, Social Work programs, in all prison libraries and public libraries, and definitely that Oprah will choose it as one of her book club selections. Hear, hear!

In the meantime, spring is here, the garden is looking good -- the compost added to the planting bed spawned about 75 cucumber/squash? seedlings, some of which i pulled out in order to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, etc. and some of which i left, to see what would happen. I may be making pickles this year, or zucchini bread!!!

I for one willl be very happy once election season -- campaign season - ends, and hopefully we will have someone in office who will allow us to be glad to be Americans, yes? I am holding that thought.

And composing Haiku that praises Spring -- this green growing time -

This green growing time
hands in soil, sun on my face
planting my future


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