Creative Arts and Healing
Yes, and not only is it Spring, all over the land (at least in Florida), but i have celebrated my 73rd birthday, moving me into a number One Cycle (7 + 3 = 10 = 1), that is, New Beginnings.
And indeed, with the publication of my book Prison Wisdom (due out this month), I leap into a new world, a world in which this book makes its debut and spreads its message near and far.
I invite my readers, friends and strangers alike, to help me pursue this goal, by letting others know about the book, and helping me distribute it to prison libraries, beginning in Florida and then radiating outwards. It is my dream, that indeed this book of inmate writing (and correspondance and art) be used as a textbook in corrections programs, in social work classes, and even as supplementary reading in literature classes, for the wisdom of the pen, in the hands of these writers, invites all to pick up their own pen and write.

Soon enough Prison Wisdom will be available through my publisher (EWH Press), (watch for link in my next blog, as soon as the books are ready to "roll")... but in the meanwhile, I haven't stopped writing -- stories, poems, mini-essays, because it is my nature to do so, and I hope this is the case up until the very end of my life. I include a recent Out the Window Poem as one example:

Outside the window
life goes on
and in the inside, same
What do we make
of the tick of the clock
warning us
time slippeth away
or courses through us
like every breath

Listen to the music
of the trees
oh how they serenade
the sky, the owls, the ferns
how they reach out with
branches and roots
to touch the under layers
and those above
while outside the window
you are invited to partake
of the bounty you've forgotten to see
until now...


And the garden grows, the vegetables establish roots, the tendrils grasp the lattice,
the bees buzz around, the flowers do what they know how to do so well -- they bloom --
hibiscus, geranium, petunias, salvia, marigolds, vinca, impatiens; the butterflies flirt,
the birds alight on the feeder, the rain falls, the sun comes out, the moon goes behind a cloud, the moon lights up the entire sky, the wind chimes rings in the breeze, the woman notices her world, which is so fecund, so nurturing to her soul. And she prays, for the immigrants, for the prisoners, for the hungry, for justice, for enlightenment of the powers that be, we too are powerful, we too give of our light to the world, never ever give up,
and as she writes these words, a stray sunbeam lights up the prism in her window, and the rainbows dance their shimmering magic....

Saying, now is the time to begin anew, to send out one's intentions, to add one's coin to the fountain, "May all beings be well, may all beings be happy, peace, peace, peace..."


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