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here it is a BRAND NEW YEAR 
Here it is a brand new year, almost Valentine’s Day, and I am enjoying my love affair with my two almost hot-off-the press Haiku volumes: MY HAIKU LIFE, and HAIKU MOMENTS, two poetry anthologies that represent four decades of my enchantment with this ancient Japanese “essence” poem. In the next month or two, these books will be posted on my publications page, ready to go out into the world. What a learning curve it has been for me – self publishing, but well worth it! I look forward to hosting another local “publication” party to celebrate the students whose poems appear in the new books’ pages. We will read our haiku aloud, honoring the wisdom, the bittersweet beauty of our human condition, each poem expressing the unique voice of its author.

At 65, I find I have become the fruit of my own tree -- filled with bounty I am now
reaping. May this tree – which, in my Tallahassee neighborhood, could be considered
a historic landmark – live a very long time, continuing to bear fruit, exotic and plain,
rich and simple in flavor. May I reach out to friends and strangers – with my utterances, with my dark ink, with insight, confusion, rejoicing, retreating, returning. Let me be
like the waves of the sea, at my beloved St. George Island – rolling in, ebbing back, rolling in, leaving treasure on the shore.

The pen is waiting
with the world spread out below
for us to notice

Feb 10, 2009

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