Creative Arts and Healing
Dear friends, fellow writers, and curious ones who just happened upon this blog -- the birds are singing in my little corner of Tallahassee, the golden hibiscus have opened their cups to the sun, and finally, after what feels like years -- my web site designer, Elgin, and I are about to activate this web site so that the whole world has access to Creative Arts and Healing Studio. How dramatic and post-modern and marvelous is that??? I am a humble practitioner of life -- like the rest of us -- but in this site I am trying to create or re-create a legacy of 30 years of work in the field of writing and the healing arts. (I can only hope for thirty more, because a writer's work is never done, nor a healer's, and just being alive on the planet is a gift, I find. )

My next big project is filling out the Healing Touch and Movement section of this site.
I want to dance, and invite you to dance; I want to reach out and touch you with my hands, and invite you to touch loved ones, friends, colleagues, and even strangers - in need - yes - with your hands. I want to explore with you the relaxing "Rock Around the Joints" move, that is so soothing and balancing, as well as the art of Foot Reflexology, and invite you to play "mirror" with friends, students, clients, to learn new ways to move, and to become "one," in essence, with the person you are mirroring.

I want to share personal essays I have written on the inherent power and beauty of the body that each of us inhabits, a body that is too often seen as "separate" from the mind -- a body that has been forced to sit still, wear uncomfortable shoes, never encouraged to break into a jig on a sidewalk, a body that we often ignore, or punish, through neglect or harsh habits.

I do not intend to offer sermons, (preaching the way and truth and light!) but simply, I want to share what I love with you -- the art of putting words together to create beauty and meaning -- the art of movement, the multiplicity of ways our bodies can express themselves -- and the art of touch -- using our hands to relieve stress or pain in ourselves and others, to soothe and uplift and nourish...Ah yes...

And, in my personal life, my 21 year old daughter Alana is about to fly to Hong Kong, China, and Japan for eight weeks with a group of architecture students -- to learn about design in the Far East --- yes, she will get to Japan before I do --- and hopefully, write some Haiku while on her journey --which I will gladly share with you, my readers.

And on Mother's Day weekend - with my daughter already in Hong Kong, Tom and I will head for St. George Island --- where I hope to write a long piece on my dear father, Bob Sabaroff, who died at the age of 89, after a very brief decline, on March 11 (09). Dad was an architect, engineer, professor, world traveler, and patron of the arts, and was married to my mom Rose (who died in '02) for 62 years. What an adventuresome, full, accomplished existence, and I carry him (and Mom) within me always.

That's the news of the last day of April. Tomorrow, May Day, my site goes live!
And the work and pleasure before me stretches onward....

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