Creative Arts and Healing
Dear readers, friends, family, whoever accidentally or on purpose is now reading my words:

Summer in Tallahassee, I'm back from California where I had to clean out my dad's house of all his earthly possessions -- the end of a chapter, a chapter of having living parents (my mom died in 02, my dad in march of this year)... and what a relief it is to be looking out my study window at the last of my garden -- a bumper crop of basil, a few scraggly left over tomatoes, zinnias, and some flowering japanese eggplant that will continue to produce for another month or two -- and soon, it will be time to dig it all up, and consider a fall garden... such are the rhythms of nature and my life.

Now is the time to begin considering offering Haiku Hour and LifeStories workshops around town -- Fall is always a time of renewed energy and productivity -- whereas summer is a time to slack off and drink cold lemonade and read library books and go swimming -- in a privileged life, which mine is -- I remember once, a very long time ago, when i was in my early thirties, and still leading a somewhat tumultuous life -- that an astrologer doing my chart told me "You will have a serene old age." Maybe that is now, maybe these are my golden years, that would be sweet.

Not that there aren't earthly, mortal challenges that show up on any given day, unexpectedly, and that is as it should be -- otherwise the line that shows brain and heart activity would be flat and boring -- one wants waves and crests and spillings and risings up and spillings again -- at least I do -- and more poems, which come from a place both of satisfaction and disturbance -- poems of praise, and also poems of sorrow and disruption -- for both are linked to one another, in some mysterious way, I find.

My dad's death -- counterpoint to my daughter starting her last year of college in the architecture program -- counterpoint to the health care crisis in america -- counterpoint to the appointment of the first hispanic supreme court justice -- counterpoint to
so many polarities and ironies and discoveries and paradoxes that make my time on earth so fascinating and worthy of contemplation.

What is this blog but a way of hearing myself and sharing with you the thoughts and feelings that pass through the matrix of my unique consciousness? In the hopes that somehow it matters -- what i think and feel - and the hope that my ramblings will inspire you to write your own messages onto the fabric of the universe.... and into my e-mail box (see bio-contact page to e-mail me)...

What I see sees me
a mirror echo image
caught in a poem


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