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SUMMER, again! 
Yes, summer again. "And the seasons they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down" sang Joni Mitchell, and look, the year 2012 is about half way over already! And my workshops and classes are finished until the Fall, and in exactly one week I'm getting on an airplane and lifting off for Ithaca, New York, where my college roommate Ann and I are going to celebrate 50 years of friendship. Half a century! Besides romping around Ithaca, with its beautiful waterfalls, gorges, and heightened cultural offerings, we will have a cottage on one of the finger lakes (Lake Senaca) for a week, and walk, swim, read, talk, and eat to our heart's delight, our idea of the perfect get-away. Oh yes, and watch sunsets from the end of the dock over the serene waters. And write Haiku during.

After Ithaca, I fly to Detroit to see some cousins I haven't laid eyes on in many years, and revisit the lake where my grandparents, aunts and uncles, had cottages way back when, with willow trees, a beach, and canada geese, even swans, as i recall. One cousin still lives out
there and I will sit on her patio drinking my morning french roast coffee, and pinching
myself to be back in the realm of childhood once again.

The shenanigans of politics and the sufferings of the globe are, for just this short time,
relegated to a psychic shelf, to be tuned into later, and the beauty of nature and rest and peace will instead be in the foreground. If one can indeed ever separate oneself from the woes of the world. I do so now in order to become refreshed and gain momentum for diving back into the wreck as adrienne rich the now dead poet named one of her volumes. Diving into the wreck in order to rescue it, to heal it, to reframe it, to expunge its outdated paradigms and make the affairs of humanity whole again.... Such are the meanderings of my mind, as i talk with you tonight, on the eve of July 4, when America, and each citizen or immigrant, thinks about independence, and co-existence, and what makes this country great. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness....

I find it always hard to leave my garden, my ashram, and leap out into the larger world, and always a blessing to return, renewed. I will take good notes, and report to my blog in the Fall with whatever i have reaped or gleaned from my adventures.

In the meanwhile, may each of you reading this find a comfortable spot to curl up in, or a bike to ride on, or an ocean to jump into, or a garden to wander in, picking fresh
tomatoes and cucumbers for your mid-day meal. May each of you have the vacation
you want -- even if it is just falling into a good book, or preparing a special dinner
for a loved one, or putting on reggae and dancing wildly in your livingroom. Vacate and return, vacate and return, in that rhythm of nurture, stimulation, and purification. As the seasons go round and round, and our hearts beat on, linked to the one great heart of the universe ---

Fireworks! Sparks making blossoms in the sky The full moon casting its light on merrymakers below --- trails of beauty never lost for having once been


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