Creative Arts and Healing
Dear readers, friends, and accidental visitors

As Elgin, my graphics designer, and I move forward to activate my long-anticipated web site, I welcome you to Creative Arts and Healing Studio, a peaceful, stimulating, inspirational (one hopes) home away from home. Here on this blog, I will share haiku, sonnets, thoughts of the day, quotes that move me, news of current and future publications, book reviews, movie reviews, healing arts tips, even, should i be so inclined, entries from my journal. This is a page from the mind of Ka, never the same page, always the bold adventurer looking for new avenues of expression, well, not always, sometimes the tired and discouraged woman who wonders why dreams take so long to manifest, she too, will be the face in this mirror. I look forward to a cross pollination of ideas, poems, journeys, wishes, revelations, challenges, questions, recommendations, a bona fide oasis for fellow travelers.

May the muse offer us words of beauty and consolation as we make our way together...

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