Wheel of Belonging

This book is a journey of one woman’s adventure exploring Faith in all of its contradictory, mysterious, inviting facets. What does it take to live one’s Faith, and how can one define such an amorphous concept? Perhaps because the author was not brought up in a religious household, the search takes on a creative cast, as she pursues the issues that have befuddled and consoled human beings since the start of time. Her brief columns, composed as a “Faith columnist” for her local newspaper, look at the turning of the seasons, incidents in her own life that challenged her faith (her daughter’s near-drowning, her father’s heart surgery), and the confusions that visit anyone attuned to the problems of civilization. Her sermons explore a wide range of topics, from poetry to Zen Buddism to re-exploring her Jewish heritage, to what it means to be a mother, as well as her passions as a writer and teacher of writing. This book, which contains photographs and other graphics to illumine and highlight the message of the text, is also an invitation to the reader to share their own unique gifts with local papers and congregations, to make available their heart-felt enthusiasms, beliefs, and life stories to inspire others. It is the author’s hope that this book will stimulate the reader’s own questions, and possible answers, to life’s most intriguing challenge: where do each of us fit on the Wheel of Belonging?

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